Capital Bot

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Capital Bot

Building financial freedom.


Capital Bot is an internationally operating company specializing in cryptocurrency trading. Behind it lies a bot that is provided to end customers in the form of a subscription. For the upcoming brand launch, a brand name, a brand slogan, a complete corporate design, as well as social media assets and merchandise items are needed. Additionally, a robot head and the turquoise, which are already used in the app's frontend, should be integrated into the logo.

  • Naming
  • Social Media Assets
  • Corporate Design
  • Merch

Thanks to the English brand name, it is immediately apparent to the international audience what the product is about. Visual elements and playful design add a youthful and visually striking touch to the brand. The slogan "Building financial freedom" strikes a chord with a target audience characterized by individualism and uncertain future scenarios, who have a deep desire for financial freedom. The typography and design language of the corporate identity draw inspiration from the aesthetics of the logo, creating a cohesive overall concept. Turquoise is used as an accent color, complemented by subtle shades of blue in the color palette, which simultaneously contribute to a professional appearance.

  • Concept, Naming, Design Principles, Graphicdesign

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