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Weedz on Streetz

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Weedz on Streetz is a German label specializing in the distribution of medical cannabis products. They sell their products through their own online shop, grocery retail, and other business partners. For the market launch, a complete corporate design is needed that exudes elegance and modernity, representing the corresponding price segment. The desired colors are gold and purple.

  • Creation of Corporate Design
  • Social Media Assets
  • Packaging & POS

The minimalist approach in the Corporate Design creates a focused and clean visual representation. By omitting unnecessary elements, the essential components of the brand are highlighted, creating a sense of clarity and purpose while exuding timeless elegance. To further enhance this impression, the color palette leans more towards shades of blue instead of purple, lending the brand a greater sense of sophistication. The combination of fonts establishes an elegant connection between urban lifestyle products and luxurious packaging design.

  • Design Principles, Graphicdesign

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